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Where You Can Scatter a Loved One's Remains

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Is your family trying to decide what you're going to do with a loved one's remains following their cremation services in Palo Alto, CA and considering scattering them somewhere special? If you are, you might already have an idea of where you would like to scatter them in mind. But you might also be brainstorming ideas and trying to come up with the perfect place to scatter your loved one's remains. Here are several great options that you'll have.

Scatter them in a cemetery

If your family would like to bury a loved one's remains in a cemetery after their Palo Alto, CA cremation, you're welcome to do it. But you should know that you'll also have the option of scattering a loved one's remains in some cemeteries. Certain cemeteries have started to set up scattering gardens that can be used to scatter people's remains. Your family might want to go with this option if you plan to go back to the place where you scattered a loved one's remains early and often in the years to come.

Scatter them at sea

Another great option that you'll have when it comes to a loved one's remains is scattering them at sea. Although the U.S. Coast Guard does have some rules and regulations in place for scattering a person's remains at sea, you should be in the clear as long as you abide by them. If your loved one spent a lot of their life in and around water, scattering their remains at sea might be an excellent option for your family.

Scatter them in a national park

You might not think that national parks would want families visiting them and scattering their loved one's remains, but in fact, most national parks will allow you to do this if you would like. You are going to need to ask permission prior to scattering a loved one's remains in a national park. You'll also have to find out if there are any guidelines you'll need to follow while scattering your loved one's remains. But as long as you do these things, you should be okay to scatter a loved one's remains in the peace and tranquillity that a national park can provide.

Scatter them on your family's property

Under normal circumstances, you and your family won't be able to scatter a loved one's remains on any private property without asking permission first. But obviously, you'll be able to get away with scattering them on your own private property if you choose to do it. You can make your loved one's remains a part of this property forever and ever by going in this direction. It's one more great idea for your family when it comes to scattering a loved one's remains.

Families aren't always sure what to do with the remains of their loved ones following their Palo Alto, CA cremations. Our funeral home can help you come up with winning ideas when you cremate a loved one through us. Contact us now to get the cremation planning process underway.

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