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Where to Avoid Scattering Cremated Remains

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If your family would like to scatter a loved one's cremated remains in a scattering garden, out at sea, or even in the middle of a national park following their cremation services in Redwood City, CA, you'll be more than welcome to do it. There are, however, some places where you will not be permitted to scatter your loved one's remains. You and your family could get into some serious trouble if you decide to attempt to scatter them in these places. Here are a few places that you should steer clear of when it comes to scattering a loved one's remains.


Because families can scatter their loved one's remains out at sea if they'd like, they'll sometimes assume that it's also okay to scatter them at the beach following their loved one's Redwood City, CA cremations. But this is simply not the case. Scattering a loved one's remains on the beach could lead to them coming into contact with fish, birds, animals, and even other people. For this reason, you won't be allowed to scatter a loved one's remains anywhere near a beach. They'll need to be taken several miles off the coast if you want to scatter them even remotely close to the beach.

Arena or stadium

If your loved one was a huge sports fan and loved a particular team, you might get the idea to scatter their remains outside or maybe even inside this team's arena or stadium. But this is another option that won't be allowed. You'll technically be trespassing and illegally dumping your loved one's remains in an arena or stadium if you do this, which is why you should look for a different option as opposed to moving forward with this one.

Amusement park

It's quite a hike to go from Redwood City to Disneyland, but some families will think about doing it so that they can scatter their loved ones remains in this amusement park. It might sound like an attractive option if your loved one was a huge Disney fan. But this is yet another bad idea. Families have tried to do this in the past, and when caught, they've been booted from the park. They've also had their loved one's remains vacuumed up and removed. It's why you shouldn't try sneaking a loved one's remains into this amusement park or any amusement park for that matter.

Any private land

cremation services in Redwood City, CA

Generally speaking, scattering a loved one's remains on any private land will be a big no-no. If you happen to own private land, you can get away with doing it. But otherwise, you aren't going to want to bring your loved one's remains anywhere close to private land and scatter them. You'll want to focus on scattering your loved one's remains on public land or in a place that will provide you with permission to scatter your loved one's remains there.

Before you pick out a place to scatter a loved one's remains, you and your family will need to hold a Redwood City, CA cremation for them. Our funeral home can assist you as you seek to plan one out. Give us a call today to take advantage of our cremation services.

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