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What Should You Do With a Loved One’s Cremains?

cremation services in Redwood City CA

At the end of a loved one’s cremation services in Redwood City, CA, you and your family will receive their cremated remains back. From there, it’s going to be up to you and your family to decide what you would like to do with the cremains next. There are a handful of different options that you’ll have. You should carefully consider each one before deciding what you want to do with the cremains. Take a look at the options your family will have below.

Bring the cremains home.

If you and your family don’t want to part ways with a loved one’s cremains at the end of their Redwood City, CA cremation, you don’t have to do it. You can actually have the cremains placed into a cremation urn so that you can bring them back home with you. Many families will do this and then put their loved one’s cremains out on display. It’s a great way for families to continue to pay tribute to their loved ones even though they aren’t around in the physical form anymore.

Bury the cremains in a cemetery.

While some families like the idea of keeping a loved one’s cremains close by bringing them home, others don’t necessarily love the responsibility that comes along with doing this. They don’t want to have to worry about keeping a loved one’s cremains safe. So instead of bringing the cremains home, they’ll take them to a cemetery and have them buried there. This will provide a family with a place to gather to “visit” a loved one. It’ll also give them an opportunity to create a permanent memorial celebrating a loved one’s life.

Store the cremains in a columbarium.

If you like the sound of keeping a loved one’s cremains in a cemetery but you don’t necessarily love the idea of burying them, there is another option that will await you. You can also opt to store a loved one’s cremains in what is called a columbarium. A columbarium is a structure within a cemetery that houses a large collection of cremation niches. These niches can be used to store people’s cremains. Your family might want to look into investing in a niche so that you can store a loved one’s cremains safely in it.

cremation services in Redwood City CA

Scatter the cremains.

If your family is OK with giving up a loved one’s cremains, you’re also going to have the option to scatter them in a special place. You can scatter a loved one’s cremains at sea, in a park, on a mountain, or in any number of other places. More often than not, people will specifically request that their cremains be scattered in a specific place. You should try to honor your loved one’s final wishes if they asked for you to scatter their cremains in a place that was significant to them.

Before families can begin trying to figure out what to do with a loved one’s cremains, they’ll need to carry out Redwood City, CA cremations for them. Our funeral home can walk you through the cremation planning process and make sure you’re able to get your loved one’s cremains back fast. Give us a call today for all your cremation-related needs.

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