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How to Go About Displaying Cremated Remains

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

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Is it your family's desire to display a loved one's cremated remains in your home following their upcoming cremation services in Redwood City, CA? Before you bring a loved one's remains home and start trying to find a place to put them, you should learn more about how to properly display remains in your home. It'll benefit you in a big way and enable you to make the most of your family hanging onto your loved one's remains. Discover how to go about displaying cremated remains in your home below.

Step 1. Place a loved one's remains into a decorative urn

Prior to taking a loved one's remains home with you after their Redwood City, CA cremation, you should make it a point to shop around for the best possible urn for their remains. This urn should be something that's going to look right at home in your house. At the same time, it should also be something that you use to celebrate your loved one and the wonderful life they led. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra time shopping for and selecting the right urn for your loved one's remains.

Step 2. Look for the perfect spot to put the urn

Once you have a loved one's remains placed into an urn, you'll be able to bring them back home with you. When you get them there, you should start to look for the ideal place to put them. In some cases, families will put a loved one's urn in the living room or dining room. In others, they'll put them in a foyer or a bedroom. You're more than welcome to pick whichever place you want, but you shouldn't just arbitrarily leave a loved one's remains in any old place. You should go with a spot where you'll be able to see the remains all the time.

Step 3. Surround a loved one's urn with photos and other mementos

You should put more than just a loved one's remains out on display in your home. You should also surround your loved one's urns with photos of your loved one and any mementos that might remind you of them. You don't necessarily want to get too carried away and create a shrine to your loved one since it might be difficult to maintain it. But you should find items that will help to really bring your loved one's display to life.

cremation services in Redwood City, CA

Step 4. Commit to keeping the urn and everything around it clean and tidy all through out the years

Every week or two, you should get into the habit of dusting off a loved one's urn and any photos and other mementos that surround it. You should also clean up any clutter that might build up around your loved one's remains. By doing this, you'll be able to make the display you've created look fabulous. You'll also be able to spend a few quiet moments thinking about your loved one and what they meant to you.

Do you need help carrying out a cremation for a loved one so that you can bring their remains back home ASAP? Our funeral home specializes in conducting Redwood City, CA cremations and can assist you and your family. Contact us today for all your cremation needs.

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