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A Long-Standing Pillar for Deathcare Like a Funeral and Cremation in Redwood City, CA

Jones Mortuary Inc. is the best service provider for pre-need arrangements or at-need arrangements and memorial services in Redwood City, CA, and neighboring areas. Established in the 1970s, we are committed to providing families with the best possible services. Losing a friend or relative can be very difficult to deal with, and it can leave any individual in a state of emotional distress. At Jones Mortuary Inc, we understand the grief you are experiencing. Call us today at 650-323-2481 if you need our help and sincere support. 


For almost five decades, the dedicated professional team at Jones Mortuary Inc. has been steadily supporting families walking the challenging time associated with laying a loved one to rest. With integrity, compassion, and transparency, our directors and staff are ready to step forward and guide you in the decisions you face surrounding things like a funeral and cremation in Redwood City, CA. Not every service will work for every situation, so finding a full-service firm that can offer various solutions and help you customize as needed is helpful.

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Design Uniquely Honoring Arrangements Like a Funeral and Cremation in Redwood City, CA

There are many services offered and untold ways to design unique and personal honoring ceremonies. Events may be large or small-scale and include multiple connected events or one brief service. The final disposition location and style may also vary depending on the preparation method you select for the deceased’s body.


Transportation of the Deceased: Once the authorities approve the release of the corpse to the funeral home from the place of death, you can call the funeral home to arrange to transfer the remains. Licensed professionals will oversee all transportation needs. Sometimes the body needs to travel internationally or across state lines. In cases like these, you’ll want to work with an experienced team with the connections and resources to seamlessly bring your loved one’s body home for final disposition.


Preparation of the Remains: The body can be prepared minimally or extensively. If you are planning a public viewing, the funeral home may require embalming for the presentation. Embalming removes the body fluids and injects solutions that clean and preserve the tissues against the decay process. More natural solutions can be used for “green embalming” in some facilities. You could avoid embalming processes altogether and opt for cremation or immediate burial as well.


Cremation Service: Cremation is another form of body disposition preparation. It reduces all the softer tissues of the corpse into vapor through exposure to flames. The burning takes a couple of hours in most cases. Each cremation is performed for one person at a time and with rigorous security protocols to keep the identity of the remains intact at all times. The hardest tissues—the calcified portions of the bones-- will not completely burn. Instead, the fragments are collected after cooling and texturized into smaller pieces, typically known as ashes or cremains.


Funeral Service: An event meant to honor the deceased and help the living say goodbye in the presence of the deceased’s body is called a funeral. Funerals are typically scheduled as soon as arrangements can be made, often within a week or two of the death. Full funeral events, including a viewing or visitation event, the committal service at the grave, and reception following, are all possibilities. You will likely select the events based on what your grieving loved ones and communities need as your budget allows. 


Comprehensive Service Options: The above listed are just a few of the potential solutions that may work best for your particular circumstances related to a funeral and cremation in Redwood City, CA. Combining a service package for both popular formats are possible when desired. In order to do so, all funerary events should be completed before the cremation service proceeds.


Mourning a Loss Isn’t Finished at the Funeral


Honoring your loved one with some form of ceremony or event can be very supportive to those who are deeply mourning the loss. Sometimes funerals are touted as a beautiful means of providing closure. However, having the opportunity to see the deceased and the reality of the death doesn’t mean you won’t continue to grieve. There is no exact timeline for walking this path. It will be a little different for each person. Some of the phases of grief  that may be experienced include shock, anger, bargaining, guilt, depression, and eventual acceptance. Grief will be part of your experiences from now on, even as you heal.


Create Appropriate Solutions for Immediate or Future Funerary Needs


Call for immediate assistance if you are facing an urgent need to arrange for death care. In some circumstances, preplanning for final needs is a viable option. The opportunity to have tender conversations and work through the initial preparatory phases of loss following a terminal diagnosis may bring comfort amidst the challenge. However, advancing age and declining health are not prerequisites to making pre-arrangements. All of us will die someday. Because of this, the option to plan is relevant to all of us. 


No matter what timeline you are working with, if you have questions or wish to retain our services for deathcare related to a funeral and cremation in Redwood City, CA, please call us at (650) 323-2481. We are proud to be a leader in the funerary industry at Jones Mortuary Inc. Our facilities are located at 660 Donohoe St, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

How Long are Funeral Services Usually Held in Redwood City, CA?

The average funeral service in Redwood City, CA lasts about two hours. This time can be shortened or lengthened depending on the specific needs of the family. The funeral service is typically followed by a reception, which gives friends and family an opportunity to meet and talk with one another.

Is it Disrespectful to the Family if I Don't Go to a Funeral?

It is generally not disrespectful to the family if you don't go to a funeral. The Funeral Rule is that you should only go to a funeral if you knew the person who died, or if the person who died was close to you. If you didn't know the person who died or they weren't close to you, then it's okay to not go to the funeral. If you are close to the deceased but can’t attend, then you should inform the family about it as a sign of respect. Some funeral homes nowadays also have funeral services with live viewing so that you can attend the funeral online.

Can Funerals be Streamed Live in Redwood City, CA?

Yes, a funeral can be streamed live in Redwood City, CA. The streaming service will need to be arranged prior to the funeral and there may be a fee associated with the service. Funeral homes often have arrangements with streaming services so that friends and family who are unable to attend the funeral in person can still watch it online. Check with your local funeral home for more info on live funerals.

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