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Funeral and Cremation in Palo Alto, CA: Make Plans with Qualified Experts to Guide You

When someone in your family dies, it is really a hard time. Jones Mortuary Inc. in Palo Alto, CA, can help you get through it by guiding, supporting, and making you feel better. We can help with pre-need and at-need arrangements, memorial services and obituaries, and creating digital memories of the person who died. We offer different types of services and products for you to choose from. We have been serving families in their time of need for over 50 years, and our reputation speaks for itself. We are here to support you during this very challenging moment. We will do everything we can to make sure your needs are met. Contact us today at 650-323-2481 to learn more about how we can help you. 


The often heart-wrenching time associated with losing a loved one is perhaps the most challenging experience most of us will face. It takes competence and compassion to support bereaved families during this acute time immediately following a loss. Some families have time to prepare, while others are stunned by a shocking turn of events. Therefore, a primary concern is finding professionals who can support you with the delicate decisions surrounding services like a funeral and cremation in Palo Alto, CA.

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Jones Mortuary Inc. has been operating for nearly 50 years and remains current with the industry's options, offerings, and best practices. With a full range of goods and services offered, we can help you design the ideal final arrangements. Most importantly, our heart-centered experts are prepared to make this time just a little bit easier to navigate by helping you find the best solutions for your budget and circumstances.

Service Options Abound for Personalized Funeral and Cremation in Palo Alto, CA

Transfer of Deceased Remains


If your loved one dies while in the care of medical professionals (perhaps in a hospital), the healthcare team will take steps to inform authorities appropriately and may help you contact your chosen funerary provider to have the deceased picked up. If not under the doctor's care, your first contact will need to be emergency services  to connect with authorities so the body may be cleared for pick up.


If the body must cross international borders or state lines, additional steps may be necessary to make the transfer legally. However, by selecting a qualified and experienced provider, you can rest assured that all will be handled correctly and respectfully. This can bring peace of mind to grieving families who await the arrival of their departed's remains.


To Embalm or Not


One option to slightly extend the final arrangements timeline is to have the body preserved through embalming. Embalming utilizes several steps to release the body fluids and saturate the dead tissue with chemical solutions that will keep the body from the rapid breakdown that will naturally occur without intervention. However, embalming is not legally required and should not be presented to you as mandatory. Many funeral homes will only offer complete public viewings of the deceased if embalming has been selected.


Alternatively, the corpse could be kept in cold storage to help delay decomposition. "Green embalming" is an option that is becoming more available and may use techniques such as dry ice and essential oils to help hold the tissues until final disposition can occur.


Cremation to Prepare the Body


Would it help your circumstances to bypass the decay process? Cremation can be performed to reduce the body to a much smaller collection of dried bone fragments. The process begins with obtaining necessary permits and paperwork, which can take at least a few days and often a week. Each cremation service is offered individually and with tremendous respect.


The body should be prepared as desired (cleaned, dressed, etc.) and laid inside a cremation container. The filled container is secured in the cremation chamber and targeted with extreme heat, quickly setting the contents on fire. After only a couple of hours, the body will be visibly gone, except for the hardest portions of the skeleton. These bones are processed into the form we know as ashes.


Honoring with a Funeral Service


Events designed to honor the dead in the presence of the (typically casketed) dead body are considered funerals. Complete funerary services usually include some version of visitation with the mourning family. Funeral service events could be simple and small or larger gatherings that are elaborate affairs. The body may or may not be presented publicly for viewing at these meetings.


The funeral may include the professional services of eulogists, celebrants, clergy, musicians, etc., who help you and your relatives remember and reflect. Funerals can offer some beginnings of closure and acceptance of the new reality, though mourning and grief will take time beyond the funeral service.


Combining Funeral and Cremation Solutions


An excellent option to get the best of all services is to order a funeral and cremation in Palo Alto, CA, for the same individual. Since the body will need to be available for funeral events, the cremation will be completed after all ceremonies related to the funeral are finished. The body can be embalmed, presented in a clean rental casket, viewed if desired, and present for any services. Then, instead of a vehicle procession to the cemetery, the body is taken for a cremation service to prepare the body for final disposition.


Preplan for Future Distant or Upcoming Needs or Call for Immediate Service Options

Jones Mortuary Inc. is the name to know if you are in the market for affordable, complete, and compassionately delivered death care services such as a funeral and cremation in Palo Alto, CA. Services can be planned in advance or at the time of need. Please call (650) 323-2481 to get the support you need. Our services are available at our clean and welcoming facilities, found at 660 Donohoe St, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What Kind of Services Do Your Funeral Home Offer in Palo Alto, CA?


At our funeral home, we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our community. We provide traditional funeral services, as well as cremation and memorial services. We also offer pre-planning services, so that you can make your arrangements in advance.


Am I Required to Buy a Casket When I Choose Cremation?

No, you are not required to buy a casket when you choose cremation, but you will most definitely need a cremation urn. Many people opt for cremation because it is cheaper and simpler than a traditional burial. However, if you do choose to have a funeral service before your loved one is cremated, you will most likely need to rent or purchase a casket.

What Happens If You Can't Pay for a Funeral in Palo Alto, CA?

There are a few options available to those who cannot afford to pay for a funeral in Palo Alto, CA. One option is to contact the funeral home directly and ask if they offer any type of financing or payment plan. Another option is to contact a local financial institution and inquire about personal loan options. Finally, some individuals may be eligible for assistance from government programs such as Social Security or Veteran's benefits.

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